About me

I research human learning and behaviour. I am experienced in hypothesis testing and experimental design, and I am well-versed in qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Currently, I am a final year PhD student in Language Learning Lab at UCL, supervised by Dr Liz Wonnacott. Before starting my PhD, I completed an MRes in Speech, Language and Cognition at UCL (2016), and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh (2015). While at Edinburgh, I spent two summers working as a Research Assistant on a project investigating the match between human memory and how humans organise and store private digital content. I am originally from Montenegro, but I also lived in Slovenia, where I moved when I was 16 to complete the IB Diploma Programme.

On this website, you can check out my research resources (code, tutorials), and learn more about my research.

P.S. My name is pronounced “Masha”

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